Be Happy, Healthy and Healthwise!

We loved the name HealthWise® as soon as we thought of it…as it describes exactly what we are all about….making choices that are healthy and wise. However it was not easy to trademark this great name as we were competing against some corporate giants but in 2003 we succeeded in registering HealthWise®. We hope you love it too!

Our history

KRPAN industries is nestled in the hinterland of Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, and home to Oxymin® and HealthWise®. Husband and wife team Z and Carmel Krpan started in the natural health industry in 1998 with a mail and web order business delivering natural health products across Australia and throughout the world. Our first commitment was always to our customers, sourcing and providing the products they were seeking. This led us to develop new ranges to meet customer demands, including: OxyMin® and HealthWise®.
Still family owned and operated after more than 20 years, we at KRPAN are always seeking new products that fit with our philosophy and meet our strict quality requirements. We keep in touch with our valued customers and rely on your feedback to constantly improve our offering and respond quickly to changing market needs.

Our promise

We truly are a family business and work hard with our distributors and practitioners to ensure that we can deliver top quality pure products at affordable prices, in an efficient delivery time.

Our products

– Pure free flowing powder
– Pharmaceutical grade; measured to BP or USP
– Packed in Australia without fillers or flowing agents
– Resealable tamper proof tubs
– Recyclable food safe packaging with low risk of leaching
– Training information and dosage guidelines available.